Who We Are

Who We Are

We are the new kid on the block looking to do something we are passionate about: share our thoughts on the books we read.

Our Best Chapters was created as a shared space for book lovers. We have a collection of books that we have read but no one to share it with. We figured, why not write about it. We currently have one reader on this website and will be adding more readers who loves to read a variety of different genre.

Our purpose is to introduce as many books there are to our audience because we appreciate literature of all forms.

Not only will we do our best to give the best feedback, we will be discussing ways to get the best book haul. As book nerds, there is never enough books in the world.

Disclaimer: Please do not mind the lack of information for now as we are working on reviewing oppose to design. We are going to make this place more appealing in the coming weeks. Thank you!