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Reviewer Life

We Are Back

Hello dear audience. We were in a little hiatus but now we are back!

We have redesigned the site to fit our brand. Nice, comfy, and simple. Just like us.

The plan for the next year is to go over as much books as we can because oh, boy! Did we read a lot while we were away. Not to mention, we added over 1,000 new titles to our reading list and even with that number, it feels so little!

We are not the fastest readers but we are at our best speed to take in what is in front of us and making a mental note of why we are on this journey with the writers. It is not a numbers game. Reviewing is a critical process and we enjoy being the critic.

Our Hard Cover Book Collection

So while it is nice to have our Kindle with us, we have been given the opportunity to read some advance sales copy. We would love to go through those and discuss it a little. The list will be revealed in the next article, so stay tune.

Revisiting Older Books

There are times when we are so in love with a book and we yearn for something similar but it is so hard to find. No writer is the same and the style will always be different. For the algorithm, we will be reviewing older books that we love just to get a kicked in recommendation from our social media.

Those can be found in our Review Archive and it will be sectioned very well and easily to navigate.

We have a lot of new plans that is in the works for this website and we hope you stick around for the journey. Thank you again for stopping in. We’ll post again soon!