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Reviewer Life

How My Review Schedule Looks Like

As someone who wants to start taking book reviewing seriously, I want to be firm on how I will schedule the publications. This schedule will ensure that the genres will be organized and nothing will be out of place.

It is also easier for anyone interested in a specific genre to check on updates.

JanuarySelf-Help and Entrepreneurial
FebruaryFriends to Lover and Romantic Comedies
MayFantasy and Dystopian Tales
JulyFamily Related Contents
AugustYoung Adults
SeptemberHopeful Genres
NovemberHistorical and Western

Freelance Reader

The books that I have in Qeueud were not sent to me by any writers. They were purchased by me through online apps such as Kindle, Google Books, and Apple Books. Other ways that I have received my books were through contests that I have entered and won.

You can find my method by clicking my previous article below.

I love helping writers structure their books and giving them feedback. As a Beta reader, it is not about the money but more so the collections of new reading materials I get to keep or check out before it becomes a masterpiece. I do hope to one day make this a full-time career as I continue to work at becoming a better structural editor and story developer.

This website and my personal yearly reading goal will get me there.

If you would love to follow my personal blog as I document my journey, feel free to follow my account on Medium.


I have decided to write my personal stories, thoughts, and opinion exclusively on Medium while self-hosting my niche sites. Thanks for your interest in my schedules and I will not make this post too long as I want to jump into my books as soon as I can.

That’s all for now. C-ya!