Monsters of the Sea

Book Cover: Monsters of the Sea
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  • Monsters of the Sea
Pages: 156

Ruthless Pirates // Epic Monsters // Legendary Adventures

The seas have turned monstrous. A boy with nothing to lose. A pirate with a secret. Monsters of the Sea is book one of the Skeleton Keys Chronicle written by James Warwood.

According to the blurb, we will be entering the deadly storm that has hit the Jamaican Coast where an ancient pirate legend crawls onto the land and terrorizes the English town of Port Royal.

This story follows Gruel who lost his mother very young and has never met his father. He was raised by the Black Flagon, a sailor's tavern.

A gripping tale that will entice any reader that is interested in Peter Jackson and the Olympians series and Derek Landy's Skulduggery Pleasant series.


The seas have turned monstrous . . .

As a deadly storm batters the Jamaican Coast, an ancient pirate legend crawls onto the land and terrorizes the English town of Port Royal. She is looking for something or someone, and she'll drown anyone who crosses her path.

A boy with nothing to lose . . .

Gruel never knew his father and his mother died when he was very young. Raised by the owner of the Black Flagon, a sailor's tavern, the boy knew he was destined for more than scrubbing floors. He was waiting for an adventure to find him, and find him it did.

A pirate with a secret . . .


Pirate Captain Bloodhound is after more than just treasure. He wants Henry Morgan's long-lost booty, which is said to be the resting place of a Skeleton Key. Whoever holds one is said to control a monster of the sea.

Jump into the beginning of a gripping tale packed with pirates, monsters, and adventure for Fans of Rick Riordan's Peter Jackson and the Olympians series and Derek Landy's Skulduggery Pleasant series.

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